MINDstyle x Buster Balloon vinyl art toys?

MINDstyle just posted up their latest in a string of interesting releases... and this time around I am pretty intrigued as the have teamed up with mater balloon artist Buster Balloon. Yes you read it right, and they are in the works of producing vinyl creations in the shape of balloon beings... Jeff Koons anyone?

I actually did some research on who Buster Balloon is, and I will say that dude has done some pretty crazy things with balloons, but vinyl toys?!?! I guess if your totally into balloon animals/shapes this is right up your alley as they will never deflate and always hold their shape. Now there is no word on when these will be released or the size they are going to end up, but I will do my best on keeping track of updates for you all... in the meantime, what do all of you think about this, I would love to hear!

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