"Press Start!" a group art show featuring the love for classic 8bit video games...

Local Canadian artist Yanick Blanchet aka Frenchie has teamed up with Headquarters Galerie & Boutique to celebrate 4 years of operation... and they are doing it in style with a group art show titled "Press Start" which will be showcasing art inspired by old school video games. Starting on July 8th you will have the chance to enjoy once again the world of Mario Bros, Pac Man and Donkey Kong and Tetris through the pieces of art from more than 30 artists from around the world will revisit their most popular video games from their childhood.

Artist include:
Scott Campbell (États-Unis), Nate Meltzer (États-Unis), Lou Pimentel (États-Unis), Tweedlebop (Angleterre), Jim Plukart (Colombie), mr. Schuster (Allemagne), Sneaky Raccoon (Angleterre), Po (Argentine), Acet1 (France), Bunka (France), Sandra (Suisse), D132 (France), Barbara Canepa (France), Supacat (France), Koa (France), Frank Mysteryo (Mexico), Chauskoskis (Mexico), Meton (brésil), Avive (Québec), Jonathan Bergeron (Montréal), Meka (Montréal), Frank Lam (Montréal), Osmoze (Montréal), Mélanie Baillairgé (Montréal), Garrett Van Winkle (Montréal), Fred Caron (Montréal), Fred Casia (Montréal), Scott Harber (Montréal), Mimi Trailette (Montréal), Josh Taylor (Montréal), Toby Cayouette (Montréal), Scott Ferry (Montréal), Laura Berger (Montréal), Rupert Bottenberg (Montréal), Tyson Bodnarchuk (Montréal), Lauren (Montréal), Arno (Montréal), Nima (Montréal), Lénia mc farland (Montréal), JF Groulx (Montréal), Astro (Montréal), Yanick Blanchet (Montréal), Christine Daigle (Montréal), Dale Hayward (Montréal), 123 Klan (Montréal)

Headquarters Galerie & Boutique is going to really have a great setup not only with all of this fantastic art, but also some pumping 8bit inspired music by "Toy Company"! There will be traditional work as well as original sculpts and custom toys to boot. So if you in or around the Montreal area make sure you stop on by!

Headquarters Galerie & Boutique
1649 Amherst
Montreal, QC
H2L 3L4

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