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Patrick Francisco and Rusted Halo's Dunny's for the "CTU Blind Box Series One"

Next up in our continued coverage of of the amazing Dunny designs for Custom Toy Union's Blind Box Series One is a rad little racer from New York based artist Patrick Francisco. Know for his awesom primate portraits and sweet customs, Patrick joins this cast of artists to contribute yet another amazing design titled "Might Chimpy Planet Ranger"... and guaranteed this is going to look sick in person!

The second custom Dunny for today comes from Arizona based artist Rusted Halo with his very steam-punk esque "Admiral Dunnyworth". This robotic creation, wearing his Sunday best looks really cool, and that top hat accessory and goggles are a fantastic added touch. Even though we are seeing both of these designs as vector illustrations, the real deals are just around the corner, so get ready, because your going to be blown away by the details!

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