Erick Scarecrow's newest resin figure set "Ichigo Mama Panya and Berry Shroom"

Erick Scarecrow has just passed on some info about a new hand-painted resin figure set he is calling "Ichigo Mama-Panya and Berry Shroom"! This like a majority of Erick's figures is going to be a Tomenosuke store exclusive. This new girly figure stands 6" tall and comes with a 1.75" Berry Shroom accessory, and will be limited to only 30 pieces worldwide. The drop date for the release is set for July 3rd, 2010 via the Tomenosuke store HERE.

The story of Ichigo Mama Panya and Berry Shroom:
"Ichigo Mama-Panya is a baker that makes colorful Shiitake Shroom cakes for a living. One day she found a large strawberry on the sidewalk that fell from a tree in front of a wizard's home. She picked it up and hurried back to her bakery to decorate her famous Berry Shroom cake with it. The cake came alive and told her that what she did was unclean and dirty. Ichigo slapped the ungrateful cake and was about to discard him until he begged her not to. Ichigo thought long and hard about the Berry Shroom's fate until she decided that she could use an extra hand in her bakery.

The Berry Shroom was relieved and got to work immediately. They bonded and shared many secrets. When the Berry Shroom knocked over a jar of flour he sneezed repeatedly. This made his colors change. Ichigo was in shock when she realized her outfit colors changed as well."

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