Custom "General Zoo" by NSTNATE

Just got a nice email from artist Nate aka NSTNATE where he showed off a really great looking custom General Zoo figure... which might be the very first custom General Zoo. He decided not to disturb the amazing figure by sculpting on it, rather he added to its splendor by giving him a shiny new paint job. Nate says "The first layer consisted of silver and gold, where silver was shot from the top and gold from the bottom, using the ridges in the sculpt. Next, scar and damage marks were applied along with Candy Apple Red sprayed all over then followed up with three coats of clear." The opposite side followed pretty much the same procedure, and the end result is one cool looking custom that comes with a hand painted box. This is up for grabs, retailing for $260 plus shipping and if interested hit up Nate via nate.held@gmail.com! For more picture hit his photo album HERE!

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