3A Beijing Show preview... day 2

Yesterday we covered many of the items for the upcoming 3A art and toy show in Beijing opening on June 25th. But today we will be looking at the 1:12 scale items that will be available at the show. For those that might be just coming into collecting 3A or are just starting to take a interest 3A produces many lines of toys with many options for everyones budget. So to start off let's take a look at what they offer and do a quick breakdown on the various lines they produce.

As many people know 3A started off by producing 1:6 figures and bots. Their primary line being World War Robot or WWR for short. Robots in this line start at 12 in. and can go bigger at 14 - 18 in. so far with a look at some future versions topping the 2 ft. size. As if this wasn't enough, 3A, Ashley Wood's company also produces 1:6 scale toys from his popular Popbot world as well. Mostly seen as 1:6 figures like the Tomorrow Kings (TK) and Tomorrow Queens (TQ), they have also branched out recently with their first robot as well. Popbot for whom the series of comics are named after is a 15 in. fully articulated robot. And as if this weren't enough, 3A also produces a 1:6 line of toys for a all new original storyline that Ashley has been working on entitled Adventure Kartel. These figures include Tommy Mission, Little Shadow, Zombot and Boiler Zomb to name a few. There is also a 1:6 licensed line of 2000 A.D. figures that have started being produced this year as well. But for many the idea and cost of 1:6 toys has been out of reach. Bots of that size can quickly eat up peoples display areas. So Ashley Wood and 3A have been kind enough to create the World War Robot Portable line or WWRp for short. This line of toys marks their entry into the world of 1:12 scale toys. This means that for any toy created in WWRp it will be half the size of it's 1:6 counterpart usually around 5 - 9 inches in height. This makes for both larger collections as well as a easier price for the old wallet. So far 1:12 scale is only seen in the WWRp line though I'm sure that might change in the future, as there are already hints of 1:12 scale Popbot figures to come. 1:12 figures are sold on bambaland in packs of 4 to as high as 10 figures to a pack, and for those looking for singles there's always retail with prices in the mid $40's it's a great way to get into 3A toys.

So now that we've laid the groundwork on the scales let's look at what will be available at the Beijing show. Please remember that almost all items at the show will be highly limited and available only to attendees (with exception to the Adventure Kartel 4 pack and the Badbot Manchester edition and some books). First up on the list of 1:12 scale WWRp figures is Noir De Plume. This figure is considered by many to be something of a holy grail for 1:6 collectors as it's so rare. In fact a 1:6 version recently went for $965 on ebay. So it's great to see the 1:12 version make it's debut at the show, but as if that weren't enough there is also what appears to be a 1:12 scale DIY De Plume as well. These figures are also highly sought after and this marks the first time either of these figures will be seen by the public.

Also for sale at the Beijing show will be a DIY kitty from the Popbot line. For now this is all the 1:12 figures that we know of that will be at the show. But as with all things 3A you just have to wait and see what may happen as we never know what they might do. Tomorrow we will look at the art and books available at the shows, also look for articles on the various artist that will be attending the show as the day draws near.

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