A trip to Jonathan Bergeron's Studio

Yanick Blanchet of Montreal Vinyl had the pleasure to visit Jonathan Bergeron aka Johnny Crap in his studio to check out his latest work for the "Into the Mystic show" at Gallery 1988 in San Francisco. Here's a first look of 7 of his newest pieces that will be part of the show that also shows the works of the also very talented Jason Limon, Jeremiah Ketner and Ken Keirns.

The next few months will be very busy for Jonathan who, not only has to work on his personal projects, but also has projects going with Yves Laroche art gallery and a solo show coming up at G1988 Los Angeles. It is always great to see into another artists studio, seeing their working conditions/habits is really insightful, at least for me. A huge thanks to Yanick for sharing the pics and the write up, and if you would like to see more hit up his Flickr HERE!

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