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"Feed My Tummy" Urban Resin Art Show in Hawaii...

Prototype and 808orbit presents the debut urban art show "Feed My Tummy" at Prototype Ala Moana on December 1st from 6:00-9:00pm. The December 1st evening launches the worldwide premiere of Indonesian artist Marine Randamhi's Jouwe Tummy urban designer vinyl figure. The resin art figure is the first of it's kind in Hawaii, and for the first time ever, people from Hawaii and beyond will have the opportunity to view these works of art up close and personal at the "Feed My Tummy" show.

A number of worldy-known group of artists will be customizing Marine's highly limited special edition 10 inch resin Tummy figure. The customized Jouwe Tummy urban designer figures will he on exhibit for the month of December.

Artists include: Angry Woebots (Hawai'i, USA), Arkiv (Indonesia), Brent Nolasco (Pennsylvania, USA), CKaweeks (Hawai'i, USA), Jonpaulkaiser (Leicesters, United Kingdom), Kat Brunnegraff (Ohio, USA), Leecifer (California, USA), Lou Pimentel (New York, USA), Newkon (Hawai'i, USA), Pancho Abalos (Hawai'i, USA), Peekaboo (Washington, USA), Phu (Singapore), Scribe (Missouri, USA), Squidnik (Nevada, USA) and 2H (California, USA).

Marine, is a 34 year old artist from Bundag, Indonesia. His Jouwe rhinoceros and ant hybrid characters first started appearing in 2008 in Indonesia and have since crossed over into the states, and from canvas form, they are now taking three dimensional form in vinyl and resin.

Urban vinyl is a type of designer toy, which is commonly made of vinyl. Urban vinyl first made it's debut in the 1990s in Hong Kong by artist Michael Lau. Lau's efforts have since then branched off to a number of different artists, many of them which are graffiti artists, DJs and designers, taking their canvas and street art in three dimensional form in the hip hop arena and beyond. More recently urban vinyl has branched off into different medium including plastic, wood and resin. The process of making resin urban figures is more labor and time intensive, and are made in more smaller numbers in comparison to it's vinyl counterpart, thus making these works of art highly collectible.

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