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Custom Dokugan for Blobpus Show in Japan

Bob Conge of Plasebo has been blessed with an amazing opportunity and was invited to create a custom figure for the Blobpus Custom Art Show opening which opened last Friday, September 4th 2009 at The Ghetto 100 Gallery in Tokyo. His custom titled "Ghost Condor Dokugan" is a one of a kind mash up and hand paint on a glow in the dark vinyl Blobpus Dokugan figure using some parts from a Velocitron Larvagon. It has red glass eye inserts, a clear vinyl head with GID DX insert and a motion activated LED unit inside the head. Bob says that "This one even scares me!", and rightfully so, this turned out freakishly fantastic and the fact that it glows and lights up... BONUS!!!!

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