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The Liontaur from Huck Gee

The Liontaur • Warrior King of the Great Savanna

Alright, you probably knew he was coming... and here he is... presented in all of his fearsome grandeur, the Warrior King of the Great Savanna, the esteemed Liontaur from Huck Gee. Ferocious pride leaders, brutally efficient hunters, magnificent beasts... masters of their lands, unchallenged leaders... the Liontaur reigns supreme.

Going on sale this Friday, August 21st, at Noon PDT. in HUCK'S Store. Each is signed and numbered and comes with shown accessories. Due to the nature of the materials, some differences should be expected in each figure. 10 figures in this set, $850 per figure. Limit one figure per customer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: those blades don't just look wicked, they are in fact brutally sharp. Keep these figures away from children. Preferably stored in a locked display case. They are not to be (pardon the pun) toyed with.

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