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ESC Toys and Video Games?!?!?!

I got this awesome info from Sakiwaki from "I Heart Cool Stuff" about a designer toy figure based off the game "Uncharted", this toy is being created by Erick Scarecrow, no word on release date or on price yet, but below is what the Playstation blog had to say!

For the collectors out there, Playstation has entered a partnership with ESC-Toys to create Nathan Drake vinyl toys. The man behind the design is Esc-Toy’s founder/designer Erick Scarecrow. Erick is well known in the industry for creating some of the most sought after customs, vinyl and plush collectibles out there. He is also well known for the work he has done for recording artists, including the late and great Jam Master Jay of RUN DMC, Bad Boy Entertainment, Def Jam, and others. I have included a few images of the vinyls below. They will be limited to 2500 pieces world wide, so start stalking your local vinyl stores!

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