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T-shirt by MAD for only $7!

Hey everyone, check out this shirt by mad 4 the Kansas City music event called pitch! I picked up one for myself and one for Spanky!

Heres what MAD had to say about it:

Earlier this year I was asked by The PITCH (a local weekly newspaper here in KC) to create artwork for their upcoming music showcase. The showcase is a super big show here in town and is basically the best of the best in local talent…. So of course I agreed!!! I create a new round of Bentworld characters called the Bentworld Beats and they loved the concept. We worked together to come up with a nice list of characters that they could use to in various formats to help with promotion. Fast forward to today and the show is right around the corner, so the hype machine is churning out some goodies to help promote the show. Just announced a few days ago is the official show tee, and its available now…

Click here to get your MAD Tshirt

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