Urban Warfair's 4" Mini Skully - Review

Our good friend Lief Storer from Delicious Drips, just finished up an awesome review on Urban Warfare's 4" Mini Skully DIY platform, and it really covers everything about this platform...so please enjoy the great read, and don't forget to visit the Delicious Drips site for great DIY toys to purchase yourself and get down and dirty on!

Today we’re going to do a little review on the 4" Mini Skully from Urban Warfair. A lot of people wonder what makes a good DIY toy. These new form of three dimensional canvas has to allow an artist sufficient flexibility to design while also taking enough shape to give the product distinction.

On my Skully, I REALLY enjoy the single oversized eye. It’s kind of like you get two major surfaces to work on with the Skully. You get the entire outside shape, AND the eye. The oversized eye is also perfectly flat which allows you to work in some unique detail to that particular section.

The Skully’s jawbones also dually function as his feet. We see a lot of skulls on the market, but Skully truely has characteristics that make his shape distinguished AND fun to work on. At only $10, these toys are priced very reasonably.

The Skully packaging comes bagged in plastic bags. I don’t have any problem with this as it keeps cost down, and as an artist, that’s really important to me. Urban Warfair also makes these guys right here in the US which is somewhat refreshing.

The ONLY problem I’ve ever had with a Skully is that they tend to balance more towards the rear. You have to be careful to make sure he stands upright when you paint him. If you find yours always tipping over, I would drill a hole underneath him and drop any wierd heavy objects you can inside his head and pour lots of glue in there. After doing so, make Skully sit on his face so that the weight is distributed forward. Once everything has set, Skully will be as balanced as ever.

If you want to see some really awesome custom Skullys, check out the Chuckwa mini Skully show dropping on May 15th.

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