TeeFury Confidential & Nefarious by Chadlonius

Oh boy, this is a treat- many have wondered how TeeFury's epic tees are chosen, so I think you'll appreciate this peek inside the inner workings. The curators tirelessly comb through submissions, looking for those awesomely wearable gems that TeeFurians love so much. Then, everyone convenes in the stately TeeFury boardroom and two giant cartoon birds work on the print schedule. Based on this top secret photo (don't tell anyone, pals!), you can expect some pop culture deliciousness on the 17th and 21st.

And while we are on the subject of T's...check out the shirt available TODAY ONLY from Chadlonius titled "Nefarious"(below) this is a rad shirt design and for only $9...you can't go wrong!

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