Scribe and Angry Woebots collab in Hawaii

A HUGE mahalo goes out to my man HaynMade who took some awesome pictures and scored some awesome custom Munny's from Scribe and his wife Alisa, which btw were Alisa's first attempt at customizing a Munny, not to shabby for someone who is known for her amazing plush work. This looks like it was alot of fun, and from the story posted by HaynMade, it was well worth his trip! Check out Haynmade's site HERE, this is a really great resource for all things sweet happening over in the 808!

Check out his story:
All of your booties needed to be down there tonight, all I can say is, you guys missed out! The Scribe and Angry Woebots collab was CRAAAAAAZZZYYYYY! There were a few of us down there tonight, myself, JoeAlmighty, dresearch, Lofa, Contra, catalyst and yooneek, along with his awesome 'ohana.

It was super chill tonight which was a good thing, while Angry Woebots n Scribe were sprayin' away, I was talkin' story with Alisa aka Mrs. Scribe for the longest time. What was kinda cool was that I walked up to her and I was all "Excuse me, are you Mrs. Scribe?" and she cracked up and was all "Ya, I am."

So we were jus' talking story and I commented on both her's and Scribe's work and then she asked, "By the way, what's your name?" And I was all, "Oh, I go by HaynMade." I kid you not, in the middle of spraying, Scribe turns around and goes "Dude, you're HaynMade?" And I was like "Oh ya!" So he walked over and shook my hand and commented on my collection and for supporting him on KR. Haha, how's dem' apples? I tell you, both Scribe and Alisa, are the coolest people!

So ya, a majority of the time, I was jus' trippin out at history in the making with Angry Woebots and Scribe doing this collab, and I watched pretty much until the very end. So Scribe and Alisa drew on mine and JoeAlmighty's mini munnies and drew in dresearch's blackbook. I tell you his drawings are FLAWLESS!

Meanwhile, I go to walk over Angry Woebots and asked him for a photo, and he was like, "Shoots" haha, being the right on guy he is. So he was all "What's your name man?" and I go "Oh, I'm HaynMade," this was my first officially meeting him. And he was all "Holy sh*t, you're HaynMade?" Haha, too funny I tell you, lol!

I give super mad propz to Angry Woebots, Scribe and Alisa, they are SUPER down to earth people, and all blessed with talent for peopz like us to admire.

It was super nice to talk story with all of the 808r's. Contra had his KILLER photos up on display, many of which haven't been posted online before. I got to talk story with Lofa about all kine stuff, and got to catch up with catalyst, which I haven't seen in awhile. Dresearch, man, it was a pleasure meeting you for the first time, mahalo for coming up to me and introducing yourself, you too have an awesome photo eye, so please feel free to post some of your pics cuz I know you got some killer ones from tonight! It was nice to see Yooneek and his 'ohana too, we were both jus' trippin at the collab. And to my buddy JoeAlmighty, I know you're super glad you came down, haha, I'm sure that was the best $20 you ever spent, haha!

If you all don't have nothing to do tomorrow, you must go down to Neil Blaisdell and check it out.

What a blast!!! I know from experience myself that Woe is a killer dude, and just from exchanging emails with Scribe he seems super down to earth as well, and I look forward to meeting him one day as well. It seems that this art will be up for a short time so if you are on the islands hit up Neil Blaisdell center and check it out for yourself!

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