"I come in peace- f*ckers!" Shirt design from Dres13

"I come in peace- f*ckers!" The new Bizarro Spock shirt by DRES13 + Hugsmugglers is here just in time for all you trekkies to stay fresh this summer! Supplies are super limited so get them while they're hot. This series comes in American Apparel Silver or White for only $20 (Postage included if shipped within the US). Available though Paypal. Send payment, along with size and shipping address to: hugsmuggle@yahoo.com, and get your orders in today!

Big ups to Dres13 for this rad deign and for the heads up! This shirt is too funny, and it fits the whole Spock persona soooo well, and for only $20 this is a steal. So get going ow and email the above address to get your official FU Spock tee today!

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