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Fresh Like Coconut - Concepts and Sketches

Justin and Bianca of Fresh Like Coconut just passed over some sketches and some rough illustrations of some upcoming projects taht they have been working on, and plan to have some prototypes in hand by SDCC this year. The first is their "SpaceKid" where they are hoping to have this guy sculpted and have a mold made for it (courtesy of dodgrr) by SDCC. These will be handpaint by them! The size of these figures has yet to be ddertermined, but will be around the size of 5" to 7" and maybe one large version around 12".

Bianca will also be doing a mini pen & ink drawing/doodle for SDCC, probably focusing on the Space Kid or maybe a something else.

They also have been kicking around the idea of coconut plushes, where they plan on stitching them up this year, and also an ear ring/jewelry design they would WANT to do with Kidrobot or might just take matters into our own hands. Needless to say these guys have a ton of ideas and alot of eagerness to get things rolling. Stay tuned to their site HERE for up to date info!

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