Chicchi & Unkotsu from GOCCODO

Here is the latest from GOCCODO, this image is the toy that they newly released. This toy is of the boy who is sitting on the toilet seat who's name is "CHICCHI". This is the first colorway... with more planned. "CHICCHI" means the urination of the child. The figure itself is comprised of 5 parts: Head, Body, The right arm, The left arm, and Toilet seat, and the final size is 5.5 inches. The next toy in the image is "UNKOTSU", it is the poop shaped toy (gotta love them poop toys). Posted above is the new color of UNKOTSU which is a black body and pink eyes.

You can find both of these toys for purchase from these stores in Japan:
-Tomenosuke store (http://www.tomenosuke.com/)
-ZacPac (http://www.zacpac.ne.jp/)

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