BEit Dude Launch Party @ ToyQube

This Friday (05/08) night from 8:00 pm - 11:30pm at ToyQube is to promote and show off the BEit Dude figures for the public who have not seen the toy. Several popular artists have customized a BEit Dude figure we have given them.

(Examples of random designs from the Kicktoys site)

The designs show the versatility of the toy, along with the endless possibilities that could be created. The event starts at 8pm. The customs at the show will be available for sale, and we will be giving out Kicktoys t-shirts throughout the night. Come by and enjoy the event and celebrate the beginning of a new way to play. We will also be previewing the next concept toy from Kicktoys to the public!

Custom BEit Dude, participating artists:
Brent Nolasco, Cris Rose, Dacosta Bayley, Duncan Poon, Keith Poon, Kidlew, Lou Pimentel, Motobot, Nakanari, Nancy Chen, NEMO, PON, Sketchguy

This is promising to be a great show, jut because of the artists involved...all top notch! If you have the chance to make the trip out to Toyqube then by all means do it because these customs are going to be AMAZING in person!

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