BEit Dude @ ToyQube *PREVIEWS*

Hot off the heels of my last post I received some preview pics for the upcoming show at Toyqube...and might I say they all look AMAZING. The top pic is a custom by Lou Pimentel titled "Fusion" who is a vintage robot that was living in a cardboard box out in a barn out in the country. During a mean thunderstorm the barn was hit and that sparked some life into this old Bot! The bottom left is Nakanari's work titled "Mai Hiro" who has the look of an urban thug ready to smash you with his large mallet and the last custom is by Brent Nolasco his is titled "Hypnotize" and for good reason...don't stare into those eyes for too long.

All of these turned out so great, and I am really looking forward to the rest of them now...for more info on this event visit the Toyqube site, or hit the jump HERE to my last post on this awesome custom show!

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