"Protect All Wildlife" - Custom PAW! from Cris Rose

This custom by Cris Rose is truly amazing and more shots can be seen on his Flickr. This year has been so chocked full of great work from this super talented artist, and it is not even half over...keep up the amazing work Cris. Below is the story behind the creation of this magnificent creature!

"In the year's following Runcible's public unveiling, his creator was put under international pressure to create robots for purposes he was not so comfortable with. The projects rarely got off the drawing board, but one that made it to Prototype was Project P.

This 12 foot beast was designed for duties deep in the Brazilian rainforest, where loggers and poachers had decimated the ecosystem. While his creator deplored all forms of violence, the rainforest was now almost entirely gone and he knew something drastic had to be done. Silent-running, fully autonomous, camoflaged in green and stone and reaching speeds of 60 miles per hour, his sole mission was "Protect All Wildlife". He achieved this by using his massive granite fists to destroy illegal logging plants and smashing the trucks of hunters together.

Within 9 months the prototype had rampaged through what remained of the rainforest, crushing every hunter that wasn't smart enough to run and somehow overriding his recall commands. For a century the metal sentinel roamed the rainforest, ensuring it's full recovery and falling into legend.

No one ever found out that his recall commands never existed."

If you are digging Cris's work he is always open for commissions...just contact him through his website HERE, and let him know you are interested in his artistic services. The sky is the limit for Cris, and look forward to many more amazing pieces like this from him in the near future!

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