"Project K" custom 7" Koibito by Cris Rose

Well for someone to straight up say "It's official. This is my best custom yet. Better than PAW! Better than Mecha Sad Bear. I may have to keep this and refund the buyer!! O___o" if you saw Cris Rose's customs of these mentioned above you would say how could anything be better than those tow...well above is living proof, a custom Kobito, and an amazing one at that. I think something even as impressive as the custom is the back story, have a read!

The Backstory:
"Even though Whaling had been internationally outlawed in 2058, by 2118 their population was on a knife edge due to illegal whalers that had been operating for 60 years. Frustrated by the situation and quietly amused by Project P's rampage against the poachers the year before, Runcible's creator took Project K to the seas of Japan for it's first real-world testing...

Project K was an experimental prototype for amphibious robots. Able to walk the shores with it's humanoid limbs, yet devastatingly fast in the water thanks to it's huge fish tail. Improvements in robotics meant that sea water was no longer halmful, and in fact lubricated Project K's hardware, the only the iron-polymer skin was vulnerable to the moisture. But that would be worked out in later models.

Runcible's creator had invented many things in his time, all focused on bettering the world - one such invention was the Harmonic Resonator Tube, a system that converted the power from the Earth's magnetic field into an oscillating beam of EM Radiation that was self-tuning to any material. This beam would destabilize materials at the molecular level, freeing the atoms entirely and reducing the object to a fine dust. Once vaporised the atoms could be sucked up, sorted, and recombined in huge matter compilers, enabling almost 100% global recycling within 4 years.

A portable version of this system was available for use in developing nations and often deployed in natural disasters, so shortly before launch, 2 were attached to Project K's back... to test his weight-carrying capacity of course... Project K's test was reported as a failure, contact was lost and it was presumed sunk under the extra bulk.

Within months, the whalers had all but disappeared. Reports were that their boats all suddenly sprung huge leaks and sunk, their ship yards turning to dust over night, no one could explain it. "

Title: "Project K" custom 7" Koibito
Materials: Vinyl, Acrylic, Spray Paint, Plastic, Metal, Resin, Found Objects
Availability: 1/1 - SOLD

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