*ON SITE* Resin Collective @ Red Hot Robot

Red Hot Robot hosted an awesome event his last weekend, showcasing all the heavy hitters in the handmade resin toy field, and what a great showing! All the pieces that were entered really turned out great, and really looked amazing all together in one spot. I really hope this is a case of things to come, because more and more people are turning to resin for their creations, and in all honesty, was not my thing, but is truly growing one me now!

In the mean time check out all the great pictures provided by RHR, and for more in-depth coverage and a really great write up check out the article that Jeremy over at Toycyte wrote up...really great! He was able to make the trip from SF to AZ...and really get some on the spot coverage, oh I wish I had the money I would have been there as well, next time! ;-)

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