NemO's custom for "Humans Beware"

One of the many perks about doing this site is that I am constantly surprised by some of the email I get...and in a good way ;-) NemO, customizer extradoinare, has work with Toyqube sculpting there SHARKY toy and recently the HAMMERHEAD toy, and in turn also produced his first VIYNL piece ,THE HAREMONGOUS,(gladiator Bunny). NemO is a sculptor by profession, a Model builder , customizer, ect....and he sent over some awesome pics of his I.W.G. piece for the "HUMANS BEWARE" show, this coming Friday 4/10/09! He said that he only used the SKULL and rifle that were provided and that the body is completly made from scratch and sculpted out of MAGIC SCULPT. He also notes that being a SCULPTOR almost ALLof his customs have REsculpts to them. He also mentioned that he has a show with Brent Nolasco at Toyqube on July 10, so we all have something to look forward to from these super talented artists!

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