Nakanari Update - Resin figure and new Tee Design

Nakanari is known for his amazing artwork/custom figures as well as some upcoming production figures including Spiki. His latest custom comes from Scott Higgins who he met when Scott handcast Nakanari's limited edition Misfit resin figure for the "Techno Babble Show" at MPH. Now the latest figure to come out of Monster Bot Studio. "Frugi" is a chunky pollywog, which was customized above by Nakanari, and rumor has it that tis along with other customs of this figure are going to be in group show later on down the line!

On top of this cool little custom Nakanari did he has also a new tee project with TobyHK's brand call Skllove. Which involves Spiki hip-hop tee will be released soon at Spiki toy release party...which this show will be announced soon.

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