Brian Colin - Twitter follow contest *TODAY*

This Friday Brian Colin will be giving away “Lil Bit”, his custom Bamboozoo, to one lucky twitter follower. If you’re not familiar with twitter, you can check it out HERE. The winner will be chosen at random around 6:30pm est, and in true nerd fashion he will either use an online random generator, or break out the dungeons & dragons dice (Ahhh, I still have all of my dice and books as well) and role to see who wins.

As he releases new custom toys and write about new events twitter will be the first place to get the inside scoop. Check out "Lil Bit" above and be sure to sign up! Be sure to be following Brian HERE , to get in on this great contest! This is a really cool to get people involved with artists out there, because we all love free! And for those of you who have not pulled the trigger yet and got a twitter now is a good time because artists are using it more and more and it is a great way to get inside scoops!

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