The MUTT Show - Reloaded

“The MUTT Show” boasts an artist line up of some of the top international designer vinyl customizers in the scene today. The show serves to showcase this extreme talent while also introducing the new DIY toy “mutt” with a bang. From animal to vehicle, each artist brings a completely unique interpretation and approach to the toy’s shape. Fresh from NYC, the show is “RELOADED” for it’s stop at A.Okay Official. All new customs join the already killer line up making this an event not to miss. One weekend only!

The idea behind MUTT was to create a D.I.Y. that you could not only customize, but could custom build. MUTT, appropriately named, is just that. You can mix and match any accessories, giving you more options on the D.I.Y. side of things than were previously available. The “shell” itself is an ambiguous shape that lends itself to go in any direction you would want to take it. More pics after the jump.

All MUTTS can be seen HERE, and most are still available for purchase, so if you dig em' buy em'!

Opening reception:
May 1, 2009 6-10pm
Show runs through: May 3, 2009

MixMedia Group DJs and refreshments by Red Stripe, Nos & Fuze

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