It's What's Inside That Counts - Andrew Bell

It's What's Inside That Counts - Andrew Bell
Solo Exhibition @ Rivet Gallery - Opening May 2nd, 7-10pm
Featuring the art of Andrew Bell

Andrew Bell
was born in England in the waning days of the rip-roaring 70's. As a wee lad he packed a lunch and headed for the U.S.A. to pursue dreams of monster truck racing and professional skateboarding. Having failed in these endeavors, Andrew now lives, works, and slowly absorbs industrial waste in Brooklyn, NYC. From his shelter he operates Dead Zebra Inc, producing artwork and projects such as 'the Creatures in my Head'. His work straddles the line between the humorous and the grotesque, and is often accompanied by underlying social commentary. He has been featured in publications from the New York Times, Wired, Kidrobot, MTV, Juxtapoz and more. Check out Rivet Gallery for more preview pictures!

Andrew Bell will be on hand at Rivet May 1st & 2nd for the opening, a lecture, & signings.

The schedule of events at Rivet is as follows:
Date : Friday, May 1st
Time : 8pm 'til whenever
Format : Casual Lecture and Q & A by Andrew Bell.

Date : Saturday, May 2nd
Time : 7pm 'til 11pm
Format : Andrew Bell show opening and signings.

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