Custom Nesting Doll by Brian Colin

Brian Colin has been pumping out many customs as of late and his latest is for this Friday's Nesting Doll show at A. Okay Official. The overall piece tells a story of how the mask of a giant horned slug finds its way atop a cat. The giant slug looses the mask to an owl who in turn looses it to the cat.

The "Nesting the Russian Doll Show" opens April 3, from 6pm - 10pm and runs through April 28. If you get a change to make it out to this one it should be really cool because there is not just one custom...but 5 for each piece, which makes it pretty challenging for artists to fully complete the "story" of their creation, but Brian did a great job!

A.Okay Official artist list:
Max Bare, Zoe Bare, Jason Brammer, Steff Bomb, Kristina Carroll, Chucha, Brian Colin, Lana Crooks, James Jimbot Demski, Dylan Dessner, Like, Missmonster, Donna Neher, Keith Moorday, Charlie Owens, OhNo!Doom Crew, David Palumbo, Lacey Piper, Revise CMW, Marcos A. Rivera, Matthew Ryan Sharp, Shawnimals, Joe Shea, Rebecca Silvers, Richard Sparks, Britt Spencer, Stizo, Alex Wittan and more.
This looks to be a really interesting show...and really give me inspiration to start working on my nesting doll that has been sitting on my shelf for almost 3 years now. Great work as always Brian, you style is so unique and I love how it transfers to every platform that you work on!

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