WeKillYou for the "Resin Collective" show and other misc stuff including an homage to The Descendents

Straight off the heels of WKY's New York trip where he plastered up 35 plaques all over the city for WKY's very first Monster Hide and Seek contest. Justin aka We Kill You was back to work on his custom for the upcoming show at Red Hot Robot. Posted above are three of the customs he is sending down from Canada all the way to Arizona for this massive show coming up April 11th!

Also to note WKY added a little bit of his own style to a classic brand, or should I say a classic band! He took the Descendents "Milo" character and converted it into his own for an upcoming t-shirt release...I most definitely want this one as the Descendents are one of my favorite bands.

For those of you who have not head the Descendents before...here is one of their tracks, hand picked by We Kill You! This song titled "Hope" was covered by Sublime, Face to Face, and others, so sit back and enjoy some good ol' punk...Enjoy!

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