After seeing all of these figures revealed from the Artoyz Flickr site, I am getting really excited for this series. Just looking at the particular styles these really forecast each and every artist that is involved.

I am really diggin the Bwana Spoons "Tree Sap" looking guy...it really reminds me of all the clear resin pieces created by him, and that shape that was chosen to place his style on is a perfect match for his quirky designs. The detail looks really promising just from the pictures, and like I said before, this series might just get me back into collecting mini-figures, and the REALLY cool thing about this series is that if you buy a whole case of this series, you will get at least one of every figure in the series except either the Bwana Spoons or Jean Spezial figures...also to note there are two chase figures that have not been revealed yet! You chances are pretty good to get this whole series, ehich is great if you are a completionist!

The list of artist includes:
Jean Spezial, Bwana Spoons, Nathan Jurevicious, Gregos, Supakitch, Steph Cop, SKWAK, RUN, Pulco Mayo, Koralie, KOA, Grems, Flying Fortress, Jon Burgerman, Artizarnal, Superdeux, NYNO, MIST, iLK, Yokaikai
This series will release at the Artoyz shop on March 14th for around $10USD each. Also to note on that Saturday, you(if you live over the pond meaning you) will find the figures all over the French countryside at these listed locations (Via Artoyz Blog):

-TOYS N NOISE (Strasbourg)
-REPUBLINK (Clermont Ferrand)
-EUREKA (Orléans)
-YUMIE (Bordeaux)
-TRANSHOP (Limoges)

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