CRAZYPOP goes to NY!!!!!

ARTDENKA will participate in The Attack of ILLAZILLA! custom show in APW gallery NY 03/03/09! The name of ARTDENKA's ILLAZILLA is "MAGGOT BRAIN". He has punkin' blue mohawk and studs protruding from his solid wood core. Check out the bloodshot eyeballs as well...they have studs in them too! Also to note that when it is turned upside down and it takes on its alter ego...the other character of ILLAZILLA "BRAIN EATER" !

ARTDENKA will also participate in WORLD OF IMAGINATION vol.2 in APW gallery 03/03/09, the same day as ILLAZILLA custom show! ARTDENKA will show 2 of their CRAZYPOP ART, "HeLLena"(right) & "kiwi"(left). Both are painted with acrylic, and have some studs protruding from them as well. These are on 12" x 12" canvas.

I am really into the majority of stuff that ARTDENKA makes, that Illazilla is awesome, and from the looks of it htat is going to be a great show! The canvases are relly cool as well, I like how they take such a non funny subject such as skulls, and make them fun, they do this with the majority of thier work through the use of bright vivid colors and un familiar shapes!

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