Plush comes alive at Monster Workshop

Monster workshop, is committed to the rescue and rehoming of monsters from neglectful backgrounds. What an awesome concept...and how cool are these toys?

Paul from Monster Workshop had this to say:
"Monster Workshop's vision is to work for a world in which all humans respect and live in harmony with all other members of the Monster kingdom".

The new blog features up-to-date developments at Monster Workshop, including new arrivals and latest raid information, and each monster is totally unique, one of a kind and lovingly hand made! Ranging from 6" to 9" tall...that is huge!!!! May the Monster revolution begin!

Give these guys some love an visit their site, and blog...which is updated often with all kinds of great information, these guys are based out of the UK and also have another site called Stitches and Glue which showcases some of their other amazing talents such as custom Munnys, 3d illustrations, custom plush, and much more! Super talented does not even begin to describe the work on these sites, so go check em out!

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