ORGAN DONORS by David Foox - NEW blindbox March 14th!!!!


Some people may think "Why Organ Donors?"

ORGAN DONORS is a vinyl toy concept that I really fell in love with. The idea actually came to me when a member of my wife's family had to have a double lung transplant. He has had Cystic Fibrosis since the day he was born and he was lucky enough to get a set of lungs from an Iron Man athlete. Someone's lungs helped this family member to live longer than ever expected. It was practically a miracle! This miracle was the seed for the ORGAN DONORS by FOOX vinyl toy series.

Only 12k worldwide. Pre-Order HERE

All ORGAN DONORS come individually packaged in a blind box with foil wrap on the inside - meaning, it is a surprise as to which ORGAN DONOR you will receive- no peeking! Some ORGANS are more rare than others (Lion Heart, Purple Heart, etc) and all come wearing the vinyl hospital gown with the butt cheeks showing.

* 3.25 inches vinyl
* 24 Colorways
* 9 Organs
* 5 Points of Articulation on each vinyl figures

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