Le Merde - Bruised, Beaten and Blackened at GR2

Giant Robot is proud to present Bruised, Beaten and Blackened by Mike "Le Merde" Kelly at GR2. This show is running until March 11th, so get over and check out all the goods!

Le Merde has gained a rabid following in the limited-edition figure scene with his molten and oozing but cute style. Often lost in the shadows of his sculptural work are the Portland artist's equally colorful paintings, which also reference a loving appreciation of underground comix, Japanese horror manga, and rock 'n' roll.

This show, the artist explains, is all about his characters mixing it up. "My world of characters is mostly in two camps: fans of the band ZEU and fans of the band MISTY FOG. They take loyalty to the deep end, and the show is about these guys working out their thoughts and opinions through the art of taking it outside." The manly arts of heavy metal and fighting are celebrated in more than 30 one-off figures and 6-7 paintings of different sizes and media.

If you are unable to make the show, you can go HERE to make a purchase of these amazing custom resin figures...alot are sold out, but if you hurry you might get lucky and snatch one up for yourself!

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