The Lake Monster’s Big Muscamoot - First Pull!!!

Well it looks like everything is moving along super smooth for Chris Ryniak and the folks at Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi! The proof is in the pudding in this first picture of the "Big Muscamoot" in all of his vinyl goodness!

had this to say:
TLM001 Production report: First pulls of The Lake Monster’s Big Muscamoot figure have been made. If you happen to be in San Fransisco at Wondercon this weekend don’t miss the chance to see it in person. Barring of course any trouble with UPS & customs.

So, if you guys do happen to roll out to Wondercon this weekend, be sure to check this out in person, and maybe do me a huge favor and send some pics/love my way, since I will not be able to attend!

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