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Uglydolls and Barack Obama?

Sasha Obama had an Uglydoll hanging from her backpack!
It's launched a media frenzy!

So I am not one to post anything political, to each his own, plus you don't want to be logging into a website that is biased one side or another but I digress... I HAD TO POST THIS!! This is so awesome for David and crew over at Uglydolls, not only is there a picture of Obama's daughter with the "Uglydoll" but there are write ups in major editorials, TV spots, blog rolls and it has launched a media frenzy...congrats!

Here is what David Horvath had to say:
Obama's daughter seen going to school with Babo's Bird hanging from her back pack. The article mentions "Uglydoll" early on. I hope her teacher doesn't take him away. When I was a kid I almost got busted for having an R2D2 on my desk, but I told Miss. Measures he was a pencil sharpener.

I am super happy for you guys over at Uglydolls, and hopefully this just puts you guys in the spotlight even more that you already are.


Anonymous said...

we got these at our store chulamama over a month ago : and they sure are the rage !!! guess we have obamas daughter and babo bird to thank ! so happy for them

SpankyStokes said...

Yeah this is going to skyrocket ugly doll into stardom!!!