Paws! Pain version

Now you know a toy has a solid design and is awesome when all that you do is change two colors(very minimum in nature) and it totally transforms... This is the case for the new version of Coarse Toys "PAW:Pain Version", how awesome is this figure, I totally dig it! These will be available January 16 officially, and will be shipped after the Lunar New Year.

From Coarse's site:
We are glad to introduce our latest paw! edition. The tiny monkey rabbit is coming to you in the classic coarsetoys colorway “pain” (light grey/bloody red). Our pain edition is limited to 200 pieces and is nicely packed in a silkscreen printed box. Packed in fabric bag, filled up with foamy letters.

I just got word from one of our readers JShen and the told us that the price is going to be $128, and Coarse is also coming out with a 2.5 inch keychain of the jaws figure. =) Think about this... if you have the other two versions, this new one would look amazing right in the middle of them!



steve said...

very cool!!

SpankyStokes said...

Yeah Steve, these are awesome figures...and to see them in person...they are really big!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site, and please do not be a stranger!

The Kaiser Chief said...

These are amazing. Love the style.

JShen said...

I believe its $128. Also, they're coming out with a 2.5 inch keychain of the jaws figure. =)

SpankyStokes said...

Thanks for the info JShen, I will update the entry now!