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Don't call them urban vinyl! These are loaded with an action feature. Actually, the first series was supposed to be revealed last Toy Fair and be released today but we took too long with them. They are much more squishy than the Critterbox versions. Also 1/4th the size.But they needed that semi-squishy feel,like how real "vinyl" in mom and pop toy shops used to feel. So I held things up. Now they're good to go.

Uh but then we got very picky over packaging. The goal was "under $9.00" but the nicer paper and extra glue for high quality blind boxes was making that tricky, so we'll TRY for end of the year. If not, then NY Comic-con for sure. We can fly some in for Uglycon NYC at Giant Robot New York this December too. Oh and now the goal is $8.00.

Action waist twist! How's that for super posable?! Much like Mothman, we went for the totally insane approach and put the mandatory line right in the middle where everyone can see. This series is based on the books, so I had to capture that action stance. Sorry about the vinyls and mini-vinyls from 2005 being cut short before.

The light kind of shines through them if you really try, and that's what was so tough to get right. Most figures these days are very stiff and solidy. Still some tweaks to make but for the most part done, and we hope you have as much fun in the mud with these as we did making them.

Oh and no insanity with these.Only colors seen in plush get made into action figures. Ok, so some insanity. We're going to be kinda slow with series 2 though. Just drawing those guys now. Who should go in there? I think it should be the newer guys. Cars? Play sets? Or nothing if everyone hates these.

All this great info was jacked from David's blog...I am sure there are a ton of people excited for the release of these...they will be a great addition to anyone's vinyl collection! Great job Ugly Crew, and keep up the exceptional work!


The Kaiser Chief said...

SWEET!!! More UGLYness. I dunno about the waist action though...

ITEM said...

I'm surprised these haven't come out sooner. Though i'm not a huge Ugly Doll fan, I have to admit they make pretty good looking mini's. Actually looking forward to these.

SpankyStokes said...

I am totally on board with you on this one ITEM..these are rad!