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Fury Animals "Fury Baby" Mini-Figures by Setoping

Well here is another great mini-series called "Fury Baby" and is part of the Fury Animals line by artist Setoping! These fun loving animals all have a little attitude as you can tell by their pictures. I am not quite sure on the price of each individual box, but I can tell you that there are going to be 7 in the series, and 1 special edition. The release date seems to be December 13, 2008! Posted below is a flier of an upcoming event at Arrtco in Beijing!

These remind me alot of the Spooky Cute mini-figure series by Danny Chan, maybe because they are just animals...and kinda have spiky hair, but from the pictures I have seen the production on the Spooky Cute series looks to be alot cleaner!

But wait there's more!!! under further investigation, I found these photos of an alternate colorway, kinda monochromatic, actually it would be a duotone...anyways, I don't know anything about this series in particular. You can find out more info from Setoping's blog here!

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