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Cans Festival London - Graffiti at its best!

I know this is old news, but really awesome, look at the artists that participated in this event, and also watch the video below of some great footage!

The artist list includes:
Sickboy - (UK), Zosen - (Barcelona), Kafre - (Barcelona), Alexone - (Paris), Astekz - (UK), Conor Harrington - (Ireland), Vopstars - Solo1, Stylo, Mear, Dane (UK/London), What Collective - Richt, 45rpm (UK/ Bristol), Daz, Rarekind - (UK/Brighton), Deadbeat Donny - (UK/London), Dreph - (UK/Manchester), Elph - (UK/Scotland), Inkie - (UK/London), Lucy McLauchlan - (UK/Birmingham), Petro - (UK), Mode2 - (UK), Todd James - (USA), Kuildoosh, Paris, Eco, Mudwig (UK), LTN crew - Milo, Tracos, Waleska and Maionaise - (Brazil), Pinky - (UK/Brighton), Elk - (UK/London), ATG Crew - (UK/London), Ikonoklast Crew - Juice 126, Roughe, Part2ism, Chu & System - (UK/London/Birmingham), Will Barras - (UK/London), Xenz - (UK/London), Probly, Cable Street - (UK), Skum - (Barcelona), Mr Kern - (Bordeaux), Pablo Fiasco - (UK/London), Cept - (UK/London), Mac1 - (UK/Birmingham), Busk - (UK/London), Word To Mother - (UK/London), Sweetoof - (UK), Shok-1 - (UK), The Krah - (Greece), Zeus - (UK), Wildeye - (UK), Ace-K - (Japan), Copyright - (UK), MauMau - (UK), Gee Vaucher - (UK), Vhils - (Portugal), David Walker - (UK), Phil Ashcroft - (UK), Zombie, Cosa, Bosh - (UK, Ireland), Shannon - (Australia), Loras, 461, Pyromaniacs, KD - (Poland), Kaione - (UK), Skire - (UK), Penny - (UK), Ronzo - (UK), Tizer, Dep, Hium - (Portugal).
It would be cool if they continued this tradition every year, it is great to see all of these artists collaborate/congregate in one place...really cool!

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