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El Mac in Holland

I was browsing some of my favorite websites, and I ran across this great little piece that had just been posted on the Juxtapoz website. It just shows a few pics of El Mac doing what he does best! His work is amazing and I am so intrigued by the flow and texture in his work.

From the Juxtapoz site:
Mac's almost photorealistic depictions of ordinary people and his signature ethereal women have cropped up all over the globe, garnering him a well-deserved and loyal following. C'mon, that's aerosol. Who the hell gets that intricate and realistic with spraypaint!?

Creating a bridge between the styles inherent in fine and street art, Mac is an artist that continuously pushes boundaries, creating a stir wherever he goes. Currently in Milan right now with fellow legend Retna, you can bet Mac has already left a few more mini-landmarks across Italy.
This stuff is truly amazing, and I really enjoy seeing all the different portraits he chooses to paint, it always leaves me guessing who he is going to go after next, and what makes him choose the subjects of his work? Keep it up...truly inspirational!


Unknown said...

sportin some serious sprayin skills son!

Unknown said...