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Little 9 and Friends - Plush

Little 9
Little 9 by Jon Schiller Design Studios is a cute little alien from a planet called Alko, far away from earth. Alko is a boring planet, so he left his home to discover new life and to have fun. He ran into a planet called earth and landed near a city called Rapid City. Here, he noticed lots of new things and creatures he had never seen before, called humans. After scoping out the area, he felt very comfortable and found new things to play with. Little 9 is the type of character that loves to play and gets himself into things that can or may cause unintentional trouble. He doesn't mean to get into trouble, he just happens to be curious. Little 9 also loves to invent things out of objects around him. Inventing happens to be one of his favorite hobbies, even though the things he comes up with may not always work. So little 9 wants to stay on earth to start a new life, make new friends, and take on adventures that come his way. This plush is Approx. 8" tall, and retails for around $10!

Midnight by Jon Schiller Design Studios is also from the planet Alko, but he left long before Little 9's adventure to earth. Midnight left because an evil force drove him out (reason still unknown). He crashed on earth and stayed, but kept himself out of human sight. Midnight used to be a scientist back on Alko but that was a long time ago. He's been on earth for 7 years now. One day, Midnight saw a star or something fall from the sky. He quickly went to the site and there he saw a ship and Little 9! From that point on, he knew he wasn't alone anymore.

Midnight secretly watched over Little 9, trying to find out if Little 9 would be a friend or foe. After a while, Midnight realized that Little 9 was of no harm to him, but Midnight did not notice that Little 9 would get himself into trouble. Midnight finally showed himself to Little 9, who was surprised to see one of his kind on earth. Midnight wasn't very impressed by the way Little 9 acted. Midnight told Little 9 that if he got caught or was seen by humans, they could both be captured and used for science experiments or worse, but Little 9 wasn't really interested in hearing what Midnight had to say. Regardless, Midnight decided to stay with Little 9 to keep him out of trouble and protect him. From that point on, their adventure together started. This plush is Approx. 8" tall, and retails for around $10!

X81 by Jon Schiller Design Studios is a character created by Little 9 in his invention called Project X. Little 9 accidentally blew a fuse, smoke appeared everywhere, and X81 appeared from the smoking mist. Thus, X81 was born into this world not knowing where he came from. Little 9 and Midnight were very curious about this new creature and Little 9 asked, "Are you my Project X?" X81said, "I don't know." Little 9 decided to call him X81 and Midnight asked why. Little 9 said, "Because Project X was my invention, 8 was the month we met, and 1 happens to be today's date." The world was a whole new place to X81. Little 9 and Midnight said to him, "Maybe you should come with us to see the world," so X81 decided to tag along with them and start a new adventure. This plush is Approx. 8" tall, and retails for around $10!

Green Pepper
Green Pepper, an unplanned creation by toxic waste near a pepper field. The toxic waste was in liquid form and though it didn't touch the pepper field, the gas from it did. One night, a bright green beam glowed around a pepper stock. When the light died down, a creature came out. It was Green Pepper! Nobody else was like him and he had no clue how to live on the farm, so he had to discover everything on his own. Green Pepper's adventure started from the pepper field and continued from there. Eventually, he ran into Little 9, Midnight and X81, who became his first friends in his strange new life. This plush is Approx. 8" tall, and retails for around $10!

Mookie wasn't like all the rest. Unlike Little 9 and his friends, Mookie was from earth but was born a highly intelligent dog. She lived in a small place called Rivertown which was known for it's not-so-friendly people. Mookie tried many times to get people to love each other but always failed. Eventually, Mookie decided to leave Rivertown and travel the world. She hoped she could make friends somewhere.

She looked at a map and picked Rapid City. She made her way to the city by train and car. While she was on her way, she wanted to stay hidden. When she finally reached the city, she was so tired that she had to rest, eat, and recover from her travels. Then, she was then ready to start exploring the city. Later on, she ran into Little 9 and his friends and joined their adventures.

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