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I got word from Rob Ingellis aka OsirisOrion about an upcoming custom toy show that he, and a bunch of other well know customizers are going to be involved with. There are alot of these custom shows going on this year, and this one looks like it is going to be great. The platform of choice this time around...Veggiesomething's "House of Liu", which is an amazing production piece, so I am sure the customs are going to rock! The show is at APW Gallery in NYC and it opens August 22nd, and runs until September 4th.

The artist list includes :
Peskimo, JamFactory, Julie West, DGPH, Shin Tanaka, MCA, Jim Koch, Nanospore, Ken Keirns, Shawnimals, Lou Pimentel, Sichi, Charuca, Bounce, Filter017, Shon Side, Sneaky Raccoon, Squee, Escape76, Revise CMW, Peabe, Joey Potts, Yunicorn, Joey D, Jose Garibaldi, Blutt, Fathom, Flip, Yoink, Stizo, Leaders 1354, OsirisOrion, Coolvader, Boxguts, C. Krebs, KidLew, Steve Talkowski, Kerry Lee, and Hans Yim.

Here is just a taste of what is expected...thanks to OsirisOrion, and be sure to CLICK THROUGH for more pics and info.

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