Tuesday, March 26, 2013

UME Toys's customizes resins from Creo Designs, alto x DMS, & Taylored Curiosities for ToyConUK!

Richard "UME Toys" Page is tackling ToyConUK like a crazy man… a crazy talented man, that is! Pictured above is a just a small sampling of the custom pieces he's created for the show: in addition to the previously revealed "Giant Monster Embryo" piece from Taylored Curiosities x Creo Design there is Page's contribution to the previously announced "Project QiQi" exhibition of custom Creo Design's QiQi figures and some manipulated alto x DMS forms — Evil Origami and Little Ox — as well. As for the custom QiQi to the far right, it looks stylistically to be a custom from Page's daughter, Elmo's Empire, rather than the man himself… but Page proper still has a HUGE assortment of surprises in store, with a massive array of his own resin cast goodies to show off as well as some new bronze cast versions of his classic designs!