Friday, February 8, 2013

DeeTen's "The Guardian Bot, circa 1886" Custom Munny for Art Whino show!

Recrafted out of wood, metal and clay on the already present 7-inch tall vinyl Munny base, DeeTen's contribution to the previously announced "Art Without Borders" exhibition is "The Guardian Bot, circa 1886." His simply stunning mechanized custom techniques continue to astound, while his wonderful backstories continue to entertain:
During the expedition of 1886 into the parallel realm many of these machines were found at the last known location of New Alexandria, the floating city. Upon reaching the location, our explorers as well as native noted the large amounts of debris that was left behind. Hills of rubble littered the flat land, each consisting of waste machinery and broken steam systems. Both parties, ourselves and the natives were marveling at the amount of technologically advanced equipment had been wrecked and left behind. One explorer noted that even the natives, being as advanced as they were, were looting the hills for something that might possibly still work. The now dubbed "Guardian Bots" were scattered through the hills, all non functional. Their name derived from the way several of them were grouped together around pieces of one larger and more complex bot as if guarding it. The remains of the large bot were not salvageable and little could be determined of its use or nature. The only clue to its purpose was the lack of piping and strange wiring that suggested it wasn't steam-powered, unlike the rest of the world. Its discovery made the natives very quiet, almost unsettling. Among the pieces, we were given as keepsakes, was a rather powerful device called the Mark IV said to be able to power the floating city. We left the site with many more questions about this strange world and its great cities. But we found that our new native friends had even more unanswered questions about New Alexandria and its whereabouts.

"Art Without Borders" will be held on Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 from 8-11PM at the Art Whino Gallery, 120 American Way, National Harbor, MD 20745.