Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tesselate's resin "ED-IT" robo B5100Jx DJ

Tesselate is rip-roaraing and ready to go with the next colorway of his rad resin robo DJ... aka the "ED-IT"... and for this release he is going blue with his "B5100Jx". This, just like the first release, is a very limited run of figures... in fact there are only 5 pieces up for grabs! Each figure is hand cast in resin, painted and finished by Tesselate and will come super securely packaged when dispatched. B5100Jx comes with a well used underground club desk and two miniature 'Accex' sound creating devices. Are you interested??? I thought so... and this 6.6" tall bot is set to release on Tuesday, January 15th at 1pm PST via the online store HERE for approx. $112.