Friday, February 17, 2012

The Loyal Subjects x Gary Baseman - The "Buckingham Warrior" vinyl figure... in Green!

Back in January of 2011, we posted up a photo HERE of Adam from The Loyal Subjects posing for an interview... and in the foreground there were some new, yet to be revealed, figures from Gary Baseman... and today we finally get to see what that figure is! Introducing the "Buckingham Warrior" from the Wolyner Forest... a fantastic new creation from the mind of Baseman! The figure itself has a pretty deep backstory, which can be found HERE, and one thing that is impressive to me the thought that went into the creation of this!

It is impressive in size, measuring in at 12" tall this spiky fella features several points of articulation (including the adjoining heads, arms and legs), and comes packaged in a closed, satin finished box. This "Green" edition is the first to drop and will be limited to only 400 pieces worldwide and will retail for $115 a piece... quite a hefty number, then again... this figure is BIG! These are going to go up for pre-sale HERE on Wednesday, February 22nd, at Noon PST, and will ship out in April. Oh... and they mention other colorways will follow... I wonder if they will look like the ones pictured HERE? I wold love to know your thoughts on this piece folks... are you in or out... leave me a message below!