Thursday, July 7, 2011

Zerofriends x Jay222 "Tupac Cat" resin figures for SDCC 2011... are seriously gangster!

As the story goes "Moments before Tupac Shakur's death, he called upon an ancient Voodoo spell to transfer his soul into a cat. For 15 years following his death, this cat was trapped in the pound. Now he has finally been released and is back in the hood." Pretty EPIC right... well artist Jay222 thought so as well so he teamed up with Alex Pardee and the Zerofriends crew to really bring this cat to life... in the form of some rad resin figures!

These frisky felines measure over 5" tall, and have a really great look about them... not only did Jay222 do a good job capturing Alex's Tupac Cat in 3D form, but you can still see bits and pieces of Jay's work throughout the sculpt as it's gritty and raw just like all his monstrous creations from his previous body of work! Oh, and Jay created 75 of these for SDCC 2011... so you can go home with one of your own, all of which are completely different... there is a mixture of mostly hand painted, clears, and custom sculpted versions, no 2 are alike! They will be up for grabs at the Zerofriends booth #5502 where 15 will be released each day, including preview night, for just $70 a pop! I really do enjoy collaborations, such as this one... I mean how can you go wrong with a cat that has the soul of Tupac?!?!?!