Sunday, January 31, 2010

3A special release February 19th

Ashley Wood's and 3A have declared Feb. 19 Martin day and to commemorate the occasion they will release a very special 3 pack. WWRp Large Martins. Each pack will contain:

1 damn large martin
1 large martin
1 RPG bramble

$130 per pack, 4 different packs

So for those people that are kicking themselves for missing the brambles that are now long sold out at retailers this is a perfect chance to get in on the action. Word is the retail version will be singles and this will be the only place to get a RPG bramble. More info to come...

3A moving forward for 2010

Last Thursday saw another successful, though limited release, from Ashley Woods ThreeA. Drop cloth a 12 in. 1:6 figure from Ashley Woods WWR graphic novel was offered up in a limited 2 pack for 3AA members as well as a 4 pack. The 4 pack open to the public sold out in hours. While the EMGY and 4 pack was still open to the 3AA members who have a 24hour window of release to order now.

Ashley made the event interesting by also running a very special very limited Chinese New Year TQ or Tomorrow Queen another figure from his ever popular Popbot series. This 1:6 scale figure was originally designed as a gift from 3A with a low production count of only 30. Ashley decided to spice things up over the week by release 10 of these figures to the public at random from the Bambaland website. And as if this wasn’t enough Ashley then went on Thursday evening and released the highly sought after Daywatch and Nightwatch color ways to the drop cloth line...

Limited to just 100 figures the Night watch / Daywatch (or NW/DW) line is always a favorite amongst collectors and 3A fans. These color ways are a traditional all white for Day Watch and all Black for Night Watch. Both colors are crisp and devoid of the usual worn weather look that marks the style of 3A other robot’s. As ThreeA has grown very popular over this last year prices for figures have started to climb regularly on Ebay. As such, Ashley has taken to trying to limit highly sought after limited releases and has made them available in releases of 10 at a time for these sets. This made for exciting times for 3A fans who were lucky enough to log onto bambaland and see these up.

For those that missed out 3A has made very special retail exclusives of this Dropcloth robot. No details yet on when or where they will be available but Ashley did hint at some of the styles we will be seeing soon.
retailer info I’m sure will be leaked to the net soon enough, don’t forget about ol slim red, commando, iron panda, junkyard, slaughterhouse the mad ( with meat clever ) etc"
Look for 3A to be dropping a new release of their World War Robot portable line for February. This months Robot will be a 1:12 figure called Large Martin. There will also be a Damn Large martin (seen with 2 mounted guns versus the standard 1. No word yet as to the pack sizes or prices. Look for these be sold as packs from bambaland and as singles from retailers.

As 2010 starts off this year, look for many great new designs to be released. From exciting collaborations like Kenny Wong’s Sea Monkey to licensed figures from 2000 A.D. comics. There should be plenty of great toys that will sure to please everyone’s tastes.

Written by:
Jame Brown aka anubis2night

Painted "Sam Sickmen" and "Pizza Man" resin figures from Steven Erst aka III

Last time we saw these figures HERE, they were unpainted but looking prety ill, and now "Sam Sickmen" and "Pizza Man" are ready to be released to the masses! Steven Erst aka III says to expect many more characters coming from this little town with crazy stories and bizarre relationships. Both Sam and Pizza Man are being released in a run of 4. Steven put a lot of time into making these figures reflect his drawing style and ideas built up around these characters. No two figures are alike and they will be sold in blind bag fashion. They will retail for $30 each, and can be found HERE on Friday Feb. 5th at Noon Chicago time.

Some background info on the characters:
Pizza Man’s Love for pizza is the cause of his lost arm. After a drunken night he ate his pizza so fast he didn’t realize he had eaten half of his arm off. The most tragic part is, he had perfectly good slice in his other hand…Is that pizza sauce or blood on his face? We will never know.

Sam Sickmen is the ugliest kid you will ever see. He chooses to have awful hygiene to hide his parent’s wealth. No matter how bad he smells he still wearing the nice clothes his parents bought him. Sorry Sam you’re not fooling anyone.